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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ®
Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was installed as the​ 2014-2018 International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  She is the 29th Alpha Kappa Alpha woman to hold this position.  An impressive display of pomp and elegance marked the traditional swearing-in ceremony before thousands of the sorority's membership from across the globe. 

Buckhanan Wilson's primary duties will be to develop and implement an outstanding and far reaching service program to guide policy, and to set the overall tone and theme for Alpha Kappa Alpha's membership.  Under Buckhanan Wilson's dynamic leadership, the 2014-2018​​ International Program will focus on the theme, "Launching New Dimensions of Service," through which the sorority's 265,000 members and 986 local chapters will address community needs via programs in traditional and new target areas.  The 2014-2018 International Program consists of five target areas, one signature program, and specifically targeted community service days.

In keeping with an intense focus on promoting lifelong learning, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will provide substantial support to ​​students through AKA One Million Backpacks℠ .  Through this initiative, the next four years will see members donating and distributing 1,000,000 backpacks and school supplies to students worldwide.  Support of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) will be another priority, as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority launches a national ThinkHBCU℠ campaign to highlight HBCU and the contribution of their graduates to the sorority and society.
Westchester County Chapter
Supreme in Service to ALL Mankind

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Launching New Dimensions of Service
Development Skills

This sorority's signature program, ASCEND℠is part of Target I: Educational Enrichment.  Participants will include high school male and female students with emphasis on academics, life, career and character building skills.  The ultimate goal will be to motivate, engage and assist these students in reaching their maximum potential.  The sorority will place additional emphasis on SMART careers (Science, Math And Related Technologies).  ASCEND℠ focuses on the following: 
Signature Program Initiatives

I. Educational Enrichment
II. Health Promotion

Under Target II Health Promotion, Alpha Kappa Alpha will continue its strong health awareness focus through programs in three areas that disproportionately affect African Americans: Alzheimer's Disease; stroke; and mental health and wellness. The Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Support program will expand Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s community outreach and assistance by generating awareness and support for Alzheimer’s programming and research. 

​​In addition, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will launch a major stroke prevention awareness campaign with special emphasis on hypertension management, diet and exercise. And finally, mental health and wellness efforts will be highlighted as sorority members work to bring attention to mental illness among diverse populations with historically low utilization of mental health services.
Family Strengthening is Target III. The sorority will focus on childhood hunger awareness initiatives and address the increasing number of households that do not have financial resources to adequately clothe their family. Through the Family Seasonal Wraps program, Alpha Kappa Alpha will spearhead a major effort to collect and donate hats, gloves, socks, scarves, coats, sweaters, and other items to families in need during the colder seasons.

​​Lastly under this target, fiscal responsibility programs remain a key priority as Alpha Kappa Alpha members continue to offer financial management and home ownership programs to the communities that its chapters serve.

III. Family Strengthening
IV. Environmental Ownership
V. Global Impact
Alpha Kappa Alpha will display its commitment to providing healthy and safe environments under Target IV: Environmental Ownership.  Sorority members will restore and renew 1,908 existing community spaces and school playgrounds across the United States with their hard work and dedication to the AKA 1908 Playgrounds Project℠.​​

Global Impact is Target V. Sorority members will implement the UNA/USA Global Classrooms Project to prepare today’s youth for an increasingly global and complex society. Alpha Kappa Alpha members will work with high school students (ASCEND℠ program) in partnership with the UNA-USA (United Nations Association) staff to expand understanding of the United Nations, its mission and focus.

In addition,​​ the sorority will re-engage with a long-standing partner - Africare - to launch youth-oriented programming on the continent of Africa.
Alpha Kappa Alpha’s legacy is not only reflected in the history and achievements of the Sorority as a whole, but it is also a culmination of the labor and love exemplified by its individual chapters. For more than half a century, Zeta Nu Omega has diligently served the Westchester County community through a series of programs that have strengthened families and enhanced academic performance.

Adolescents Karing About People (AKAP) - Adolescents Karing About People is a volunteer service program for Westchester County High School students. This program has been in operation for over 30 years. Chapter members serve as mentors to the student volunteers by providing supervision, training and encouragement.

Ivy AKAdemy  - Ivy AKAdemy is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 4-6 at Grimes Elementary School in Mt. Vernon. The children focus on African American history to enhance their reading comprehension and writing skills, and creativity is stimulated by having the children produce plays and scrapbooks depicting what they’ve learned.

Youth Aging Out of Foster Care - Our aim is to bring attention to the issue of aging out of foster care and the need for a smooth transition out of the foster care system. Our young people deserve opportunities to succeed in life as productive members of our society and they deserve our support.

Zeta Nu Omega’s Signature Programs
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